All About Homer Simpson

Name : Homer Jay Simpson

Date of birth : May 10, 1955 (born in North Carolina)

Social Security Number : 568-47-0008

Weight : 230-260 lb.

Address : 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield, ???

Sector 7G Safety inspector at Springfield Powerplant

Main Responsibilities

  • Snack machine monitoring
  • Clock watching
  • Inner Eyelid study
  • Pastry malfunction prevention

Salary : $382.19/wk ($5/wk Beer tax)

IQ : ???

Favorite Movie
Look Who's Oinking 3

Favorite TV shows
Big Gorilla week - Night boat

Favorite song
It's Raining Men


  • Drinking beer
  • Eating
  • Watching TV
  • Bowling

Pet Hates
Working, Sock puppets


  • Mr Burns
  • Ned Flanders
  • President George Bush, Sr.
  • Frank Grimes

Favorite Beer
Duff (as if you need to ask!)

Favorite Haunts
Moe's Tavern - Greasy Joe's Bar-B-Q Pit - Gulp & Blow - The Frying Dutchman

Favorite Book
T.V Guide - So you've decided to steal cable?

Bad habits

  • He forgets Birthdays, Anniversaries, holidays
  • He chews with his mouth open
  • Hangs out at seedy bars with bums and lowlifes
  • He blows his nose in the towels and then puts them back in the middle
  • He scratches himself with his keys

Borrowed from Ned Flanders
A bath tub - Video recorder - Barbecue - Weed Whacker - Belt sander - Video camera - T.V tray - Air Conditioner


  • To work at home
  • To run onto baseball field starkers
  • To live in woods and keep a journal of his thoughts
  • To be a Monorail conductor
  • To eat the worlds biggest Hoagie
  • To appear on the gong show
  • To own the Dallas Cowboys

Did you know?

  • Homer gained 61 pounds to claim disability and work at home.
  • He had a detective agency and wore a Sherlock Holmes hat.
  • He became famous with a picture of himself with princess Cashmere.
  • We first saw HOMER on 19th April 1987 on the Tracy Ullman show.
  • He becomes crazy without beer and TV.
  • He worked at Mr Burn's casino as a blackjack dealer.
  • He sold his soul for a donut and entered Virtual Reality.
  • He was a manager of a country and western singer called Laurleen Lampkin.
  • He was the first member of public to go into space.
  • He was a Mascot for the Springfield Isotopes and the Capitol City team and called himself DANCING HOMER.
  • He had a snow removing company called Mr Plow.
  • He adopted a brother called Pepe.
  • He secured his job at the Powerplant after passing the specialised training course on his third attempt.
  • He was voted Springfield Nuclear Powerplant Toxic Waste Handler of the month in October 1990.
  • He almost closed 'The Frying Dutchman' on its 'All you can eat night' since then his picture has been hanging in the restaurant, where he's known as 'Bottomless Pete ... Natures Cruellest Mistake'.
  • He enjoys flashbacks now and again, which show him fat with a full head of hair.
  • He has a half brother called Herbert Powell.
  • He occasionally wears glasses.
  • He worked as a Kwik-E-Mart employee.
  • He was a former travelling salesman with Abe's 'Love Potion'.
  • He had to wear a dress when he lost a bet with Ned Flanders.
  • He was 'Head Bee Guy' when the Powerplant was inspected.
  • He was a member of the bowling team "Pin-Pals".
  • He went on tour with Hullapalooza as part of their freak show.
  • He was a Krusty the clown substitute.
  • He was a member of the Stonecutters and then became leader after finding the sacred birthmark on his butt.
  • He caused his half brothers car industry to collapse after designing a stupid car.
  • He has been mistaken for 'Bigfoot'.
  • He used Dimoxinil to grow hair and then became a success.
  • He invented the 'Flaming Homer' which then became the 'Flaming Mo'.
  • He received the first Annual Montgomery Burns Award For Outstanding Achievement In A Field Of Excellence.
  • He travelled to India with Apu in search of the first Kwik-E-Mart.
  • He holds to world record for most years worked at an entry-level position.
  • He was charged with sexual harassment after pulling a gummi venus de milo off a babysitters backside.
  • He was an alcohol bootlegger during a short lived Springfield prohibition.
  • He was the voice of Poochie in the Itchy and Scratchy show.
  • Was a missionary in a tropical island, hiding from PBS after pledging $10,000 to the station.
  • Grew a crop called 'tomacco' (tobacco+tomato) and lost the deal to the tobacco industry.
  • Stole Moe's car for an insurance scam and got caught.
  • Climbed the highest mountain (hill) in Springfield.
  • Was saved by his kid daughter Maggi from drowning.
  • Spied on his friends for IRS to get out of an audit.
  • Flew to Cuba with Mr.Burns and trusted Fidel Castro with a trillion-dollar bill.
  • Has his father's kidneys burst by refusing to stop for a restroom break on a car trip.
  • Joined a cult and lived without beer for ... days ... and could not be brainwashed easily!!!!
  • Caused Ned's wife Maude's death (inadvertantly, ofcourse), because of his clumsiness, in a ball game.
  • Attained 15-min. fame with a perfect game in bowling.
  • Beat up George Bush Sr.

Homers Jobs

  • Santa claus in the mall
  • Nuclear power plant inspector
  • Public safety crusader
  • Nuclear power plant execitive
  • Automobile designer
  • Motivational speaker
  • Kwik-E-Mart assistant
  • Gulp 'n' Blow service trainee
  • Softball player
  • Monorail conductor
  • Trampoline renter
  • Blackjack dealer
  • Neighborhood watch leader
  • Adult education instructor
  • Simpson and son patented revitalising tonic salesman
  • Bowling alley assistant
  • Official Krusty impersonator
  • Film festival panelist
  • Town cryer