Best TV Cartoon Characters of All Time: The Tournament

Curtis Candy

Oct 3, 2010

TV Cartoon Characters Tournmanent - The Field - Curtis Candy

The tournament to decide the best TV cartoon character of all time. TV cartoon characters from Mickey Mouse to Stewie Griffin battle for supremacy.

In an attempt to answer the age old question that all of us cartoon nerds have asked for years, “Who is the greatest TV cartoon character ever?” the tournament to deliver a champion has been held. The pictures attached to this article take you through the tournament step-by-step. Following is a round-by-round breakdown.

Who has become the TV cartoon character champion?

Best TV Cartoon Character of All Time: Round One

Homer Simpson rather easily took out George Jetson. George was fatigued coming into the matchup, as Jane Jetson had once more left him outside on the never ending treadmill.

Jimmy Neutron and Peter Griffin picked up comfortable wins over second-string characters. Sylvester the cat shocked Woody Woodpecker and both Ren and Stimpy were unceremoniously dumped in their opening round match-ups.

Mickey Mouse dominated a trio of young morons and Brian Griffin snuck past Elmer Fudd by posing as his hunting dog, then turning on him. Beavis toppled Butt-Head in the dumbest first round pairing.

In the most anticipated opening round contest, Veronica and all her money eliminated the down-home, girl next door looks and charm of Betty. Hank Hill was no match for Bugs Bunny and Spongebob Squarepants easily ousted Speedy Gonzales.

To close out the first round, Eric Cartman did unspeakable things in eliminating Philip J. Fry, Tom got long-awaited revenge by dumping Jerry. Bart Simpson proved evil genius superior to regular genius and – you knew it was coming – Daffy Duck killed Kenny.

Best TV Cartoon Character of All Time: Rounds Two and Three

Things began heating up a bit in round two, as a lot of the more ancillary type characters had been laid to waste in round one. However, Homer Simpson still had little trouble in bouncing newcomer Jimmy Neutron. Peter Griffin whipped Sylvester, setting up a huge third round showdown between two of the most famous, portly cartoon dads in TV history.

Stewie Griffin took out Scooby-Doo, and put himself in position to potentially move on against his father, while Mickey Mouse bounced Brian Griffin, denying Stewie the opportunity to take on his friend/nemesis.

Beavis moved past Veronica, and of course, made some totally inappropriate comments about the victory, while Bugs Bunny had a very difficult time getting past Spongebob Squarepants. Eric Cartman and Bart Simpson set themselves up for an epic showdown by eliminating Tom the Cat and Daffy Duck, respectively.

Round three began with a titanic battle of prime-time poor parents, as Homer Simpson barely escaped with a victory over Peter Griffin. Mickey Mouse stunned Stewie Griffin, leaving Family Guy suddenly out of the picture.

Bugs Bunny had a rather easy time with “the just glad to have made it this far” Beavis, and in the epic battle, junior division, Bart Simpson couldn’t join his father as he fell to the evil Eric Cartman.

The stage was set. Only four remained. The tension was unbearable. Who would win it all?

Find out next week, when we conclude…

Only kidding.

Best TV Cartoon Character of All Time: The Finals

Homer Simpson vs. Mickey Mouse: Does it get any better or bigger than this? In the closest contest yet, Homer was actually able to unseat the living legend of cartoondom. While Mickey has a deeper history in film, he was not able to match Homer’s legend on the small screen.

Bugs Bunny was able to take out Eric Cartman. Bugs, however was used to matching wits with the likes of Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duck. Engaging Eric Cartman left him upset, shaken and changed.

The finals were a fitting pairing of legends, Homer Simpson and Bugs Bunny. Homer eked out the victory and became the current TV cartoon champion!

One can only imagine if his semi-final encounter with Eric Cartman didn’t somehow factor into Bugs’ loss, as he had never imagined that kind of pure evil existed, but whatever the case, Homer Simpson sits atop the TV cartoon world.


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