Homer Simpson's phrase in dictionary


June 14, 2001

OXFORD, England

Homer Simpson with an English accent?

Don't laugh -- the beer-guzzling cartoon dad has hit the literary big-time. His favorite phrase has made it into the erudite Oxford English Dictionary .

The OED's online edition defines Homer's trademark "doh!" -- usually accompanied by a Simpsonesque slap to the forehead -- as "expressing frustration at the realization that things have turned out badly or not as planned or that one has just said or done something foolish. Also implying that another person has said or done something foolish."

It's one of 1,250 new or revised entries published Thursday on the OED Web site. They'll all be added to the next edition of the print dictionary, but its publication is years away.

Other new additions and updated definitions include "bad hair day," which caught the dictionary writers' attention after turning up in the novel "Bridget Jones's Diary," and "full monty," whose definition was expanded to include total nudity, thanks to the film about unemployed British steelworkers who turn to stripping.

Also added : "retail therapy," "serial monogamy" and "lifestyle drugs."

'The Simpsons' Endorses Al Gore

Political Humor

November 2, 2000

George W. Bush may want to make a last-minute campaign stop in Springfield, USA. This Sunday's season premiere of The Simpsons (8 pm, Fox) contains a blink-and-you-miss-it pro-Al Gore reference. During Bart's trademark chalkboard sequence in the show's opening, the proud underachiever writes : "I will not plant subliminal messagores."

Simpsons executive producer Mike Scully makes no apologies for the blatant display of political partisanship. "To be honest, the staff does lean toward Al Gore," he tells TV Guide Online. "I don't want to speak for everyone who works for The Simpsons, but there are many people on the writing staff who can't believe that this election is as close as it is."

What effect Bart's endorsement has on the undecided vote remains to be seen, but Scully admits that the timing of the plug was carefully thought out. "We were in the writers room trying to come up with a chalkboard joke for the show. Realizing that it would air two nights before the election, we thought it should be politically oriented," he says. "We had several great ones pitched — that I will not share with you — that were unairable. Ultimately, we liked this one."

In addition to playing up Gore, Scully explains that he liked how the "subliminal" joke takes aim at the Republican's now-infamous anti-Gore television spot in which the word "rats" was flashed across the screen. "And then Bush did his subliminable message quote," notes Scully, "so we wanted to do something on the subliminal message idea." Calls to the Bush and Gore camps were not returned at press time.

Conspiracy theorists, however, are likely to suggest that nepotism played a role: Al Gore's daughter, Kristen Gore, is a writer for Fox's Futurama — which just happens to be helmed by Simpsons creator Matt Groening. Scully denies that the family connection played any part in the decision. "I didn't check with Matt on it," he insists, "and I never met his daughter, so that really had nothing to do with it.

"It also has nothing to do with the fact that [former President] George Bush Sr. once blamed The Simpsons for what's wrong with America," Scully adds with a hearty laugh. "It has absolutely nothing to do with that ... That's for sure." — Michael Ausiello

Political Humor

A colossal birthday party takes place in Helsinki, Finland.

Bottoms up for the common man’s hero, Homer Simpson! Mr.Simpson has his 44th birthday on the 12th May 2000.

The festivities begin at the restaurant Semifinal in Helsinki the following day, saturday the 13th (address : Urho Kekkosen katu 4-6) at 9 PM.

The ceremonies include for instance the following : The Favourite Simpsons episode of Finnish Simpsonites revealed! BBC’s Simpsons document, unreleased in Finland! Nostalgic moments of the highlights of Mr.Simpson’s glamorous life newsreel style, music by bands that have appeared in Simpsons, The Ultimate Simpsons-quiz : Who The Simpsons-genious of Finland? Grand prizes by pop culture heaven Kukunor.

Additional treats : Duff-beer, Flaming Moe's drinks, The fatteningest donuts in Finland. Male partygoers are advise to wear Homer-style blue pants and white short-sleeved dress- or pique shirt (as small as possible). Female participants might want to search their wardrobe or local boutiques for green dresses, white or red pearl necklaces and needless to say blue wigs. The ceremonies are conducted by the toughest Simpsons fan in Finnish TV, the host of Hotelli Sointu program and TV One’s Morning Show, Mr. Bart Nyberg. The tickets are FIM 25, incl. Cloakroom. V.I.P. cards are not valid for the evening. If you want more information about it, send mail to Mr. Mika Rahkonen.


May 9 Just noticed that this site has been mentioned on national Finnish TV-station MTV3's article refering Homer's birthday parties.

Homer's birthday parties we're also mentioned at STT. STT is news group in Finland which provides Finnish news in rest of the world plus deliver's news from around the world.

Unfortunately I didn't receive any photo's about event.

Homer Simpson Interview
Political Humor

Q : How does it feel to be included in the ranks of leaders of men

Homer : WOO-hoo! It's a real honour - what did I win? Where's my prize? It'd better not be one of those stupid all expenses-paid-trips to some stupid foreign country!

Q : How's the family?

Homer : Fine, just fine. So, what's the prize? Is it a big screen TV? Show me! Show me!

Q : Who would you say are the most creative and influential' individuals around at the moment, and why?

Homer : Uh ... Arnold Schwarzenegger? Because ... well, first he came up with that funny name ... oh, and then he influenced everyone to say, "Ah'll be back." Oh, and that computer nerd guy - Bill Gates, him too. Now tell me what did I win? What? What? Is it a car? It is a car isn't it? Woo-hoo, baby! come to daddy!

Q : Which historical figure do you most identify with?

Homer : Ohhh, (aigh). Ummm ... Billy Carter. He took the grand and noble office of America's Fist Brother and used it to sell Billy Beer. I still have half a six-pack in my garage - it's an extremely tasty and valuable collector's item!

Q : Can you put into words the joy of eating?

Homer : Mmmmmm, not without getting really, really hungry. Ooooh! Is that What I won? A food prize? A lifetime supply of salty pork products? No, beer? No? Salty pork beer? D'oh!

Dougnuts - is there anything they can't do?

No. Well, hmmm ... unfortunately, they can't clone themselves like your sheep can. But other than that, they are the most perfect life form on the planet.

Q : That's quite an oral fixation you've got there. Do you feel it's a sublimation of the desire to return to the material breast and ultimately, to the safety of the womb?

Homer : Uh ... sure ... if ... you ... say ... so. Oh, like a big oven! Sure.

Q : Is there anything free you wouldn't eat?

Homer : You're talking about food, right? Because, call me picky... but, a lot of times, if it's not food, I won't eat it.

Q : What's your favourite reading matter?

Homer : Reading matter? You mean, like, books and things? D'oh! I didn't win a stupid set of encyclopedias or something useless like that did I? Can I trade them for a barka-lounger or something?

Q : Should we be respectful of the boss?

Homer : When he's around, definitely. But first he has to earn it, dammit! I suggest an employee appreciation course be a requirement for all employers.

Q : What's been the number one influence on modern culture?

Homer : Ummm ... ahhh ... gee, I don't know ... beer? The bikini. No, wait, I know - the remote control!

Q : How do you like our British culture?

Homer : Um, and that would be ...?

Q : Come on Homer, 'all things British'.

Homer : Oh, like James Bond and martinis? sure! And, oh, right - bangers and mash! Mmmmmmm ... bangers ...

Q : Ah ... Okay Homer, tell us - is your brain your best friend?

Homer : Not when it's trying to boss me around it's not! Sometimes we get into these big fights and I have to tell it, "Hey! I have my wants and needs too, you know!" But mostly we get along okay - we both like the same TV shows.

Q : Right. You've got to go and live on a desert island alone for the rest of your life - don't panic! It's just pretend. Anyway, you're allowed to take the complete episodes of one particular TV show. Which one?

Homer : Oh, I guess I'd take the show about that group of people stuck on a deserted island. What was that show? Let's see, there was a millionaire, a professor, a movie star ... ... ahh! Gilligan's Island.

No, I was thinking of Hee-Haw - but, hey! Gilligan is good one too. That crazy Gilligan, heh-heh-heh!

Q : You seem to have many life-long ambitions. Which one burns the brightest

Homer : I'd like to perfect a triple, back-to-back, 18-hour sleep cycle.

Q : Would you advise the young guys to get married and have a family?

Homer : Sure, why should they have any fun? Just because they're young?

,b>Q : Any other advice for the youth of today

Homer : Oh, grow up.

What are your plans for the future?

Homer : I'm going to take home my valuable prize and i'm going to ... what? hey, what is it, anyway? can I drive it? Eat it? Swim in it? What is my valuable prize? Let me see it!

Hey! I answered all yor dumb questions - GIVE ME MY PRIZE