Ten all time favorite cartoon characters: Homer Jay Simpson

Angie Steele


Children's TV Examiner

December 1, 2009

Homer Simpson is an animated character in the popular show The Simpsons and is the father of a very dysfunctional suburban blue-collar family. Homer lives in the fictitious town of Springfield with his misfit family, wife Marge, and three children Bart, Maggie, and Lisa. Homer has become immensely popular, in part, because he represents a regular working class guy. He works at the local Springfield Nuclear Power Plant as a Nuclear Safety Inspector. Actually, Homer has had over 100 different jobs since the show originally aired, as he’s gotten fired for falling asleep and neglecting his duties, but he always manages to get rehired. Homer’s character is this bumbling boob that’s crude, overweight, lazy, and not so bright, but he’s a fierce protector of his family.

Homer was named by USA Today as one of the most 25 popular and influential people in the last 25 years. The Simpsons have won numerous awards, including the Primetime Emmy, Annie Awards, and a Peabody Award. The show originally aired in December 1987 on the Fox network and is still one of the network’s highest watched shows.

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